How Can We Help You?

Your will see your family physician who will assess your medical issues. When appropriate, you will be referred to a specialist for further care.

We have appointments that you can book in advance, but we also accommodate same-day appointments for issues of a more urgent nature.

WeCare Medical Clinic provides a walk in clinic where you can see a family doctor without making an appointment. Our dedicated physicians can treat minor injuries and illnesses.

We are currently accepting new patients. If you are interested in becoming a patient at the clinic please feel welcome to call us at 780.244.0448 or coming to the clinic for walk in services.

Although some medications do not require ongoing monitoring, most do require periodic assessments including among other examinations and laboratory tests in order to ensure you are benefiting from the desired effects of the medication but also to detect any adverse effect.

Typically we do not disclose results over the phone. In cases where the results require discussion and follow up with one of our doctors, we will call you and make an appointment.

In most cases, there will be no charge as the fees can be arranged without the need of getting the patient involved in the process.

However, for some provinces, we will need to charge you for the service provided. We will also issue you a bill that you can present to your provincial health care plan for refund. Note however that not all services provided would carry coverage by your provincial healthcare plan.

Yes, there will be a consultation fees applied. Equally there will be additional fees should you require further investigations such as x-ray or laboratory tests. The same will apply if you need medications from the pharmacy.

Some cosmetic procedures, insurance forms completion as well as drivers medical do not have Alberta health coverage. When booking an appointment or checking in, let our staff know if you are unsure about the coverage status of any procedure or paperwork you need filled out.

For any additional information you are more than welcome to call our clinic at 780.244.0448 or email us at, we will answer to your enquiry in a timely manner